Giving Back at Bella Boutique

 This is the time of year high school seniors look forward to all year! It's prom and graduation season. However, for some students, this time of year causes much stress and anxiety. Leaving home to embark on a new and expensive adventure. But the costs start to add up long before entering campus. Prom itself can be very expensive. The tux, the limo, the dinner, and of course the dress. 

There is one nonprofit organization that is helping to reduce the stress of the big dance by eliminating the cost of the prom dress and accessories for junior and senior girls. Bella Boutique offers students the chance to come shop their inventory for a free dress with shoes and accessories included! They even have a couple of alternative outfits such as a pants suit and tux. This year they even had a voucher for free makeup and nails or hair!

Bella Boutique accepts donations of shoes, dresses, alternative outfits, jewelry, and makeup. Ladies, you can also help this amazing organization by donating your time to be a personal shopper for the high school students. 

This was my second year volunteering at Bella Boutique and it is always so rewarding. This year I helped Alondra, a high school senior, search for the perfect prom dress. She wanted a specific style that would top her junior prom dress. A little bling but still simplistic and elegant. She kept apologizing for being picky but I told her this is your day and I want you to feel amazing on your day. It ultimately came down to three dresses but she chose the dress that made her feel like a goddess! We found a gorgeous pair of pumps that were going to sparkle with her dress. Alondra walked away excited and happy with her selection. I walked away feeling overjoyed. 

So whether you know a young lady who may need Bella Boutique, you would like to volunteer your time, or you looked through the back of your closet and found shoes and dresses you no longer need. Contact Bella Boutique at 


(credit cbs)


(credit cbs)

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