Let's Eat: Burgerim

Time again for the dreaded question of the day... “what’s for dinner”? No need to fear Raw Krityx has the perfect place for you to try, Burgerim. Now, this is not a local chain but their food is so delicious that their chain is already international after opening only eight years ago, in 2011. Currently, the only location open is off 64th Ave and Tower Rd, which is convenient if you live in Green Valley Ranch, Montbello, or Brighton. There are two more locations set to open soon in Aurora and Parker. 

So why go to Burgerim? Well aside from the mouthwatering flavors, there is something for everyone. Whether you are craving a salad, chicken wings, chicken strips, or a burger. And the options do not stop there! You can have a beef burger or get a little fancy with wagyu beef burger or even a lamb burger! Or maybe, like myself, you love a juicy chicken burger; your choice of grilled or crispy. And for your side, you can choose the signature round Burgerim fries or sweet potatoes with or without added flavors like cajun seasoning, garlic aioli, or bacon and cheese. 

This food is not only flavorful but is also a super filling meal. I have eaten at Burgerim twice and each time I was so stuffed just from two sliders and my signature fries. Such a satisfying meal you will not be disappointed. This new restaurant is definitely worth the little drive until the other locations open. I will be definitely taking another car ride, next on my list is to try the chicken wings. Yum yum!  



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